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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mark Your Calendars for the October 6th Salon! Reserve Your Place NOW!

BOOK NOW! Reservations are already being received. Don't be left out of this wonderful event where you'll meet dynamic women who have proven themselves in the field of creative arts. 

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2012 in Coto de Caza, 1-5 pm. Book your reservation and mark the date on your calendar now! You don't want to miss our literary salon for creative women. Afternoon in the Garden includes a champagne reception, light lunch, music, poetry, art, prizes, networking, book signing and MORE in a lovely backyard setting. If you enjoy meeting authors & poets, or yearn to be inspired to follow your own creative dreams, this salon is especially for YOU! 

Featured speakers will be best-selling authors CAITLIN ROTHER (true crime) & LAUREL CORONA (historical fiction) and award-winning poet ALLISON BENIS WHITE who will speak about their own journeys as creative women. In addition, artist ROBIN WETHE ALTMAN will display some of her work, playwright THEA IBERALL will treat us to a mini-performance, harpist PAMELA BROWN will play during our champagne reception; Emcee for the salon will be editor/columnist BARBARA POTTER. This is your chance to meet your role models, develop new friendships, make important contacts, find your muse, and widen your own circle of creative women.

CAITLIN ROTHER writes gripping true crime stories!

Featured speaker will be New York Times bestselling author Caitlin Rother, who has written or co-authored eight books, both fiction and non-fiction, that include Dead Reckoning and Lost Girls. A Pulitzer-nominated investigative journalist, Caitlin Rother worked nearly 20 years for daily newspapers, and has made dozens of TV and radio appearances as a crime expert.

"If you want an erudite and entertaining guest, Caitlin is every bit as entertaining and informative as her bestselling books." - Burl Barer, True Crime Uncensored Radio Show
Step into the mind of a female killer!
"A true crime novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat...a brilliant job of captivating the inner workings of a female killer." 
The tragic Newport Beach yacht murder on board Well Deserved!
"We've finally found the next Ann Rule! Caitlin Rother writes with heart and suspense. DEAD RECKONING is a chilling read by a writer at the top of her game."
The controversial book about sexual predator John Gardner.
LOST GIRLS  chronicles the controversial story behind the rape and murder of two innocents, teenagers Chelsea King and Amber Dubois, by sexual predator John Gardner.

Featured speaker will be award-winning Laurel Coronaauthor of such books as Finding EmiliePenelope's Daughter, and Four Seasons.  She writes high-quality fiction about women and the forgotten and undervalued roles they played in their societies. Whether it’s the real-life physicist Emilie du Chatelet, the literary heroine Penelope, or women who have sprung entirely from her imagination, she offers stories true to the facts of time and place.
LAUREL CORONA writes high-quality fiction about significant women in under-valued roles.
"I have always believed it is my obligation to the universe to thrive, and when grief, trauma, or misfortune hit, I treat recovery as requiring the same intensity of attention and commitment I pay to my work as a writer and professor."

FINDING EMILIE. As life in aristocratic society constricts around her like the excruciating corsets she is forced to wear, Emilie’s daughter Lili must learn what the reader already knows--that the secret to understanding herself and gaining the courage to fashion her own life lies in seeking out the story of the remarkable woman who bore her. 
PENELOPE'S DAUGHTER. "A beautiful excursion into the realms of The Odyssey, with some surprises Homer didn't know about."

A priest by profession, in his mid-twenties Antonio Vivaldi was renowned in Venice primarily as a superb violinist. In fact, he had barely begun to compose music when he was hired to be the violin teacher for the top soloists at the foundling hospital, cloister, and musical academy known as the Ospedale della Pieta.Vivaldi might never have reached his full potential as a composer if he had not had the coro of the Pieta, a disciplined and skilled ensemble of instrumentalists and vocalists.

ALLISON BENIS WHITE writes poetry out of memoir  that can break your heart.

Featured poet will be award-winning Allison Benis White, author of Portrait With Crayon and Small Porcelain Head. Her poems have been described as "beautiful, sometimes achingly so." The Boston Review says, it's "rare to find a book of poetry that makes a reader remember why one reads poetry." Nick Flynn, Some Ether and Blind Huber, says, "I found myself thinking of Frost as I read these beautifully disturbing poems--'The whole great enterprise of life, of the world, the great enterprise of our race, is our penetration into matter, deeper and deeper, carrying the spirit deeper into matter.'"

ROBIN WETHE ALTMAN appears in the Art-A-Fair and has a deep spiritual connection with her work.
Featured artist will be Robin Wethe Altman the cover artist for Interstices, the OC Anthology as well as the She Writes Anthology, who has shown her work in many venues including the prestigious Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach and the Art-A-Fair. She has generously donated a glicee of a lovely sunflower to be raffled off at the salon. More of Robin's work can be seen at the end of this page. "There's something very unique about Robin's paintings. When you look at them you are transported to another 'realm' where only happiness exists. There is something magic that these paintings do to your heart. When you look at one of her paintings, it beckons you to abandon everything that isn't working in your life and step inside where you become happy and free once more."
"SUNFLOWER" by Robin Wethe Altman will be raffled off as a prize at the October 6, 2012  salon.

TJEA IBERALL is a performance poet and playwright.
Featured playwright Thea Iberall is also an award-winning poet, storyteller, ghostwriter, editor, and scientist. She has been published in The Southern California Anthology, Spillway, poeticdiversity, and numerous other journals and is the author of The Sanctuary of Artemis: A Collection of Contextual Poems. Her play, At Seven, was performed by the Toledo Repertory Company, and her Primed for Love had a run at the Eclectic Company Theatre. In addition, she is the playwright of We Did It for You! – a currently playing musical about how women got their rights in America. Her poetry has been published widely, including in Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust. She’s featured in the documentary GV6: Poets, Passion and Poetry.

PAMELA BROWN has provided harp music at many venues throughout the county.

Featured musician will be harpist Pamela Brown who began her advanced study at age twelve with JoAnn Turovsky, distinguished professor at USC School of Music. Pamela received her musical education at Indiana University, Bloomington, where she majored in harp performance with Susann McDonald. She frequently plays at prominent venues in the area, such as the St. Regis Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Montage Resort, Biltmore Hotel, and Disneyland Resort. With more than 20 years of professional performance experience combined together with skill, artistry, and her passion for the harp, Pamela continues to deliver high-quality music to enhance the most special and memorable times of people’s lives.

BARBARA POTTER has a lifelong addiction to books and writing.

Featured emcee will be Barbara Potter, columnist and editor at the Orange County Register and author of the book So She Says. "For most of my life I have had an addiction, one that has cost me some money: I can't stop buying books for my book shelves and now for my iPod Touch. My love of reading and listening to people's stories has resulted in a career as a reporter and editor for the Almanac in Pennsylvania and the Orange County Register in Southern California." 

if you are a published author or poet attending the event, contact MaryAnn at 949-285-3831 so that we can introduce you at the salon, recognize your success, and celebrate your creative process.
Become a Friend of the Salon. Women helping other women empowers us all! 949-285-3831.
Sponsored by Windflower Press, The Writer's Best Friend!

Having a passion for creating what they love best––combining books, authors, artists, and other creaiive women in elegant gatherings where they can network and become inspired to follow their dreams, the Literary Salon for Creative Women is sponsored by  MaryAnn Easley, award-winning author & educator and Jann Harmon, graphic designer & artist. 

"I believe we are heroes of our own stories, and we are more interconnected than we realize. When we follow our passion and do what we love, something changes in ourselves, in the lives of others, and in the universe itself. It's serendipitous that we meet in this time and place." – MaryAnn Easley

Book your reservation safely online with credit card at the Buy Now link in the sidebar
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Box 7089, Laguna Niguel, CA 92607
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